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Saturday, 26 August 2017

RGV Guns And Thighs Review, Rating, Story, Public Response

RGV Guns And Thighs Review, Rating, Story, Public Talk: Ram Gopal Varma new web series movie Guns and Thighs trailer is released and it revolves about the Mumbai mafia and big shock with straight forward scenes and language. Ram Gopal Varma is a famous director in the filming of mafia movies previously he has a good experience on this type of movies like Raktha Charitra 1, Raktha Charitra 2 and Veerappan. nothing will stop Ram Gopal Varma even the censor board also, this time censor board can't do anything because it is a web series
Guns and Thighs movie Title symbolically says that there is a close relation between mafia and girls

Guns And Thighs Review Rating, Public Talk:

RGV Guns And Thighs Review, Rating, Story, Public Response
 A saga of the Mumbai mafia

Guns And Thighs REVIEW RATING: /5

Guns and Thighs Webseries Full story :

               In RGV Words, I Always wanted to tell  the completely true story of the Mumbai mafia in its raw and real form since for various reasons I couldn't do that in films, I am going to do it here from each crime are born bullets that will some day seek revenge
  • Society both changes & evolves mainly because of bad people
  • A criminal is like a child who just grabs it if society does not give  it
  • Fear and greed are the very foundations of human behavior 
  • In spite of us developing into cities from jungles, some of us are still wild animals 
  • You cannot fully live your life unless you are ready to risk death

Guns And Thighs Dialogues English, Hindi:

“When all is done all men want from women is their vagina”.

“It seems your father put only half of his penis in your mother’s vagin. That’s why you are half-cocked.

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Guns And Thighs Webseries Movie Public talk : 

The public is totally shocked by RGV new web series (movie) Guns and thighs a saga of the Mumbai mafia. screenplay, direction, and story are written by Ram Gopal Varma. guns and thighs theoretical trailer is out on 26th May the total world is stunned by watching the trailer people said that it can easily beat the look of Hollywood motion pictures because of the screen play and here it has some nude scenes that can't be seen in Hollywood movies also and In this guns and thighs one child boy is faced with full of blood it looks so horrible  for Telugu film industry people because children's are soo sensitive to handle,this is the story about D gang it is ruled by Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai. the trailer is 6 minutes it is released by Big B Amita Bachan. Guns and thighs film tag line A saga of the Mumbai mafia
first, the trailer is started by the words of Ram Gopal Varma to introduce the main concept of life in mafia field.

RGV Guns And Thighs Review, RGV Guns And Thighs Rating, RGV Guns And Thighs movie review
RGV Guns And Thighs Review

Guns And Thighs Cast And Crew:

  • Amal Sehrawat
  • Ram Gopal Varma
  • Storm cell Entertainment Productions
  • Produced by Boris Alexander Gronemeyer

Guns and Thighs Webseries theoretical trailer by RGV :



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